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Translation is a unique craft that requires a special balance of language expertise, cross-cultural awareness and effective communication between the vendor and the client.

Infinitive Language Solutions is a cohesive unit that works closely with its clients and extensive network of language professionals to deliver high-quality translations in several languages and industries.


Terminology Management

The terminology you employ to describe your company’s products or services should be consistent throughout your website and marketing materials in order to communicate your message in the best way possible. Infinitive Language Solutions will create a custom glossary that will organize your company’s internal lexicon in a database ensuring consistency amongst all your documents.


Cultural Assessments

When venturing into a new market where the language and culture is different from your own, it’s extremely important to perform a cultural assessment to identify any possible negative connotations or indiscretions in your documents and promotional materials. Infinitive Language Solutions can analyze your documents, products and promotional materials to determine how your potential customers will perceive them.


Quality Assurance

Infinitive Language Solutions examines all its translated documents for proper word selection, correct grammar and punctuation, and optimal formatting. After this has been completed, we verify that the language in the translation has been localized appropriately, allowing for the highest level of comprehension with your target audience.

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